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The Cockpit concept

Tania and Paul, the managers and co-creators, are delighted to take you on a journey through their Cockpit concept. They have succeeded in innovating and creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in an atypical and original setting.



Our establishment will take you on a timeless journey through the flavours of the world. As soon as you walk through the doors of Cockpit, you'll be transported to a world where aviation meets the gastronomy of the world. Our site, like our physical restaurant, is designed to evoke the elegance of air travel. The captivating background images will immerse you in the exclusive atmosphere of an aircraft interior, with subdued lighting, comfortable seats and details carefully selected to recreate the experience of flying.


Explore our online menu, carefully crafted by our in-flight chefs, who are inspired by flavours from around the world.


Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a lover of fine cuisine or simply looking for a new and exciting experience, Cockpit promises you an exceptional gastronomic journey. Come on board with us for a culinary experience without leaving the ground.

Travel on board

Our concept is based on the decoration of our restaurant, which is designed with old aircraft parts. Our seats will make you feel as comfortable as if you were flying.

Our website invites you to discover a unique restaurant, where every meal is a culinary adventure on board an aircraft. From the aperitif to the dessert, each dish is prepared with quality, seasonal ingredients, to guarantee you an explosion of flavours that rivals the best first-class dishes.


Browse our photo gallery to get a taste of the atmosphere and our dishes before you even enter the restaurant.Browse our photo gallery to get a taste of the atmosphere and our dishes before you even enter the restaurant.

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