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The Cockpit team

Welcome to the Cockpit restaurant website, where each meal is a unique culinary experience. At the heart of our establishment, we are proud to present to you the very essence of our team. Behind every exquisite dish and attentive service is a dedicated group of professionals passionate about the art of fine dining and catering. Dive behind the scenes of our kitchen and discover the talented faces who seamlessly orchestrate every aspect of your taste experience at our establishment. Let us introduce you to the members of our team, the creators of your unforgettable moments at the Cockpit restaurant.

Theo Maury

Communication Manager

Tania Baez

Co-creator of Cockpit


Tania Baez

Co-creator of Cockpit


Augustin Bardinet

Head waiter


Our engagements

At Cockpit Restaurant, our commitment to the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We strongly believe in preserving our planet for future generations, and this is reflected in each of our culinary practices. As an eco-responsible establishment, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable food choices. This is why at Cockpit we work with fresh and seasonal products to guarantee quality and sustainable cuisine. Our commitments push us to go further in our approach by only working with local suppliers with whom we have close collaboration. At Cockpit you will never see a printed menu but you can consult our menu written in chalk at the start of the week on our boards or also by scanning a QR code on your table which will take you to the menu of the week and our menu Cocktails and mocktails. Cockpit is also a restaurant where everyone is welcome, for this we offer every week on our menu: varied starters with seasonal and local products but also a vegetarian dish, a dish with meat and a dish with fish.

We pride ourselves on serving authentic, entirely homemade cuisine. Every dish we offer is prepared with passion and dedication by our talented team of chefs. We believe in the power of fresh, local ingredients, which is why we source from local producers whenever possible. This not only allows us to support our community, but also ensures the freshness and quality of every ingredient we use.





At Cockpit, we also celebrate the diversity of the seasons. Our menu changes weekly to highlight the most delicious and fresh seasonal produce. We firmly believe that each season brings its own culinary richness, and we are excited to take you on a taste journey through the unique flavors of each time of year.

At Restaurant Cockpit, we are determined to offer our customers an exceptional culinary experience while respecting our planet. Join us on a gastronomic journey where respect for the environment, homemade and seasonal products are at the heart of every plate we serve.

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